Making a reservation:

Please contact your travel professional for reservation.

Upon making a reservation, please fill up the registration form online via www.travelgogo.com. Deposit of $200 per person is due at the time of booking. We will issue your package including but not limited to tour reservation, hotel reservation and air ticket based on name provided on your registration form and travel documents.



含機票: 餘款須於出發日期90天以前交清,但必要時,依據航空公司規定,本公司有權要求更早支付機票的費用,機票一旦出票不可改票退票。


Final payment due date:

Land only Package: remaining balance must be paid 90 days prior to departure. Otherwise, the reservation will be forfeited and deposit is non-refundable.

Land & Air Package: remaining balance must be paid 90 days prior to departure. Based on the airline regulations, we reserve the right to issue air ticket immediately upon receipt of your tour deposit. Air tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable once issued. No residual value if passengers cannot complete the journey due to any reason.

Payment must be made via check, money order or cash only. 3% surcharge for payment via any major credit cards.





Cancellation Terms and Condition:

All cancellation notice must be written and received by TravelGoGo either by mail, fax or e-mail from travelers or travel agencies. Oral cancellation over the phone will not be accepted.

In the event of cancellation by your travel companion or roommate, you will be responsible for the additional single supplement.

During the trip, any reason of cancellation or discontinue journey, the entire unused portion is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

取消和罰款 | Cancellation Penalty
距離出發日 | Days prior to departure 取消罰金 | Cancellation fees
91天以上 | 91 days or more 無罰金 + 機票罰金 | No Penalty + Air Penalty
90 – 60 天 | 90 – 60 days 訂金 + 機票罰金 | Deposit + Air Penalty
59 – 31 天 | 59 – 31 days 全部費用50% + 機票罰金 | 50% of Total fare + Air Penalty
30 – 16 天 | 30 – 16 days 全部費用75% + 機票罰金 | 75% of Total fare + Air Penalty
15天以內 | 15 – 1 days or non-appearance 全額費用 + 機票罰金 | 100% of Total fare + Air Penalty




Travel Insurance:

We offer travel insurance covers medical expenses up to $10000 per person for passengers.

Insurance covers cancellation penalty or additional medical expenses are not included and it is highly recommend to all passengers.




  • 不含機票: 旅客自理機票包含從原居住地飛往目的地的國際往返機票和行程中的其它航段機票。
    1. 在您欲購買機票前,請先與我公司聯繫,確認行程開始及結束的城巿、抵達及離開的日期和時間等。
    2. 不提供抵達後從機場到酒店的接機服務,和返回原居住地從酒店到機場的送機服務。若需接送服務費用另計
  • 含機票: 同時在我公司購買陸上行程以及國際段機票。
    1. 含由美國機場出發的國際經濟艙來回團體機票。以及行程中註明之內陸段機票。
    2. 本公司保留使用或更改國際段航空公司、航線或航班的權利。
    3. 機場稅、機票稅和燃油附加費有可能發生變化。
  • 根據航空公司規定,飛行里程數的累積受所訂艙位、航空公司聯盟協議等因素影響,公司可提供不同航班及艙位等不同要求的服務。
  • 由於航空公司規定,預先選擇座位可能不被航空公司允许。更多信息請與航空公司聯繫


General Information:

Upon 60 days prior to the departure date, TravelGoGo has the right to cancel or postpone the tour if the group size falls below 20 passengers.

Air Ticket and transfer:

  • Land only package: passenger arrange their own air ticket including international air ticket from home city to destination and any intra flight mentioned in the itinerary.
    1. Please consult with us regarding the flight guidelines before issuing tickets.
    2. Transfer services from airport to hotel on the arrival date and hotel to airport on the departure date are not included. Transfer service can be arranged at additional cost.
  • Land & Air package: entire tour package is handled by TravelGoGo
    1. Package includes both international air ticket and intra air mentioned in the itinerary.
    2. We reserve the right to change the airline and flight schedule.
    3. Airport taxes, air ticket taxes and fuel surcharge are subject to change.
  • Due to airline regulation, mileages are calculated based on different booking class and airline alliance agreements. Custom air service is available for different flight schedule, booking class and etc.
  • Due to airline regulation, pre seat selection may not be allowed by the airline. Please contact airline for more information.

Prices are based on double occupancy in a hotel room. Single supplement is charged for solo passenger. We DO NOT assist with pairing solo passengers in one room.


  • 轉車接送
  • 英文或者中文的專業導遊
  • 酒店住宿和行程中提到的餐食
  • 旅遊和行程中提到的進入參觀的景點門票
  • 旅途中瓶裝水
  • 進入酒店時的行李搬運費 (每人1件)

Price Includes:

  • Private chartered bus for transfer and tour
  • English or Mandarin speaking tour guide
  • Hotel accommodations and meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tours and admission as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bottled Water
  • Hotel in and our porterage (1 per passenger)


  • 護照, 旅行證件, 簽證和其它費用
  • 導遊,助理,司機和其他人的小費,我公司建議的小費是每人每天12歐元 。
  • 個人所產生的費用和其它沒有在行程中提到的。

Price Not Includes:

  • Passport, Travel document, Visa and other fees.
  • Gratuities to guide, assistant, drive and other. The recommended gratuities is Euro 12 per person per day for tour escort, local tour guide, driver and assistant.
  • Personal expenses and anything else not mentioned in the itinerary.




Physical Condition

Travelers must be in good health at the time of travel. Please consult with your physician regarding your wellness and ability to travel long distance, as some locations and sightseeing activities require extensive standing, sitting or walking.

Any physical, mental or dietary needs must be noted at the time of reservation. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate, but we are not responsible in the event we are unable to do so. We cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member for walking, getting on/off tour buses and other transportation vehicles, or other personal needs. A qualified travel companion must accompany travelers who need assistance.

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